Art Works for Sale

The following art works are for sale. Should you be interested in buying one of these works, please send a message to the webmaster via the contact page.

Watercolours by Annick Ansselin


All paintings on on 300gsm Arche watercolour paper.

White Peppermint Gum: 60cm (H) by 45cm (W), $550 unframed – $700 framed, + postage and handling

Foliose Lichen: 50cm (H) by 50cm (W), $450 unframed, $600 framed, + postage and handling

Red Flowering Yellow Gum: 56cm (H) by 42cm (W). $450 unframed + postage and handling.

Watercolours by Janet Thompson


All works painted on 300gsm lanaquarelle watercolour paper.

Running Postman – A3 Watercolour, framed 52.5cm x 44.5cm. $650 plus postage & handling.

Velvet Correa – A3 Warercolour, framed 42.5cm X 54.5cm. $550 plus postage & handling

Maroonhood orchid – smaller watercolour, framed 49cm X 57cm. $500 plus postage and handling

Greenhood orchid – A3 watercolour, framed 49cm X 57cm. $500 plus postage and handling.