Port Arthur – An Exotic Garden – Unlocking the Botanical Journey – Part 2

Following of the success of Part 1, in  2015, members of Botaniko were invited to return, to continue the theme of portraying  plants introduced to the Port Arthur penal settlement in the 1800s,  this time identifying those that were grown for having  culinary, medicinal and industrial significance at the time.

The  exhibition was opened on Saturday, 28 January 2017 by Dr Jane Harrington, Director of Conservation and Infrastructure at the Port Arthur Historic Site.

In her opening address, Dr Harrington spoke of the necessity of these culinary, medicinal and industrial plants to those early settlers,  who would have had survival foremost in their minds. They needed timber for shelter, food for sustenance and essential medicines. The works in the exhibition cover  all these areas.

The exhibition is on display in the Asylum, Port Arthur Historic Site until 23 March 2017.