Botaniko brings the Reverend Knopwood to St. David’s Cathedral

Many of the artworks from Botaniko’s exhibition Knopwood’s Kitchen Garden 1804-1824, exhibited last year at the Narryna Heritage Museum in Battery Point, will be on display as part of St David’s Cathedral’s 50th Floral Festival. The exhibition can be seen at the Cathedral over three days from Friday, 9 February until Sunday 11 February 2018.

Worldwide Botanical Art Exhibition

Botaniko is pleased to announce that two members, Sue Stuart and Annick Ansselin have had their artwork accepted in the Worldwide Botanical Art Exhibition.

Sue is presenting a watercolour of Richea dracophylla, endemic to Tasmania, which grows in the wet forest of south-east Tasmania. The painting will form part of the web display of the Worldwide Botanical Exhibition.

Annick’s painting of Telopea truncata, Tasmania’s endemic waratah, is found on moist acidic soils throughout Tasmania at altitudes of 600-1200 metres. The work will be displayed in the unframed section of the Exhibition.

With botanical art undergoing a worldwide renaissance and thousands of artists active in every corner of the globe, this exhibition will display artworks themed on the native plants from 16 participating countries. A Worldwide Day of Botanical Art will be held on 18 May 2018 with events occurring for 24 hours following the sun from country to country to maximise focus on the message “linking people with plants through contemporary botanical art.” The Australian component of this exhibition will be held at the Ainslie Art Centre, Elourea Street, Braddon in the Australian Capital Territory from 18-27 May 2018.

Botaniko exhibits at Triabunna

The last project for the Botaniko Art Group Port Arthur – an exotic garden – unlocking the botanical journey Part 2 was opened at the Village Gallery at Triabunna on Saturday, 30 September. This exhibition, first displayed at the Port Arthur Historic Site in January-March this year, features the medicinal, culinary and industrial plants grown at the penal settlement during the 1800s. The exhibition is part of Blooming Tasmania’s Flower and Garden Festival.

The Village Gallery is open on weekends, 10.00am to 1.00pm weekdays or at other times by appointment (contact Jane Teniswood – phone: 6257 7583). Some artwork is for sale.

National Science Week 2017

Botaniko hosted A Wondrous World – Botanical Art workshop at the University of Tasmania on Saturday, 26 August, as part of Science Week. Using fresh plant specimens, over 30 people,  in three sessions,  were shown how to use various  observational  techniques, including the dissecting microscope, to acquire  the details  needed to design and accomplish a scientific botanical  illustration. All participants were keen to try their hand at the various techniques.


Botaniko Exhibits in the Channel

For those who enjoyed listening to the duo,  Janet Rutherford (viola) and Lynette Smith (piano),  at the Kettering Chamber Music  Concert on Sunday, 2 April, they would also have enjoyed the artwork from Botaniko’s latest exhibition Port Arthur – an exotic garden. Exhibited to accompany the concert, this exhibition is now at the Art Lounge, West Winds Community Centre, Woodbridge and concludes on 30 April 2017.

The Art Lounge is familiar to many of the artists featured in this exhibition as it was the venue for the recent botanical illustration masterclasses held by world-renowned botanical artist Jenny Phillips.

Second Jenny Phillips Workshop – Advanced


Following on from the first workshop, Jenny conducted her advanced workshop to a further 15 keen participants at West Winds Community Centre at Woodbridge from 20-24 February 2017.

Participants were taken on a journey using observation and various watercolour techniques to achieve paintings of fruits in season such as blackberries, rosehips, plums and watermelon. An interesting diversion was the painting of a Stachys byzantina leaf – also known as Lamb’s ears – to achieve the light, soft felt texture.

Participants over the two weeks are extremely grateful to Jenny, one of Australia’s most influential botanical artists, for making time in her busy schedule to come to Woodbridge and conduct the workshops. Our appreciation is also extended to Annick Ansselin, the Channel Regional Arts Group and West Winds Community Centre for bringing us this event.

Botanical Art workshop 1

The first of two botanical art workshops conducted by Australia’s leading botanical artist, Jenny Phillips, was held at West Winds Community Centre at Woodbridge from 14-17 February 2017.

Jenny shared with 16 participants fundamental drawing and watercolour painting techniques through the ability to translate structure and colour as well as revealing many of nature’s secrets through close examination of flowers.

The end of the workshop had some participants renewing their approach to achieving botanical art and all felt confident of pursuing, with great vigour, this wonderful art form.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Bicentenary Commemoration in 2018

Botaniko members welcome the opportunity to be part of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Bicentenary commemoration in 2018 by exhibiting botanical artwork reflecting some of the significant botanical specimens grown in the Gardens over the last 200 years.

The Gardens are the second oldest in Australia, established in 1818. The land was acquired by Governor Sorell and had its origins as the Lieutenant-Government’s garden. The Gardens played a vital role in the early establishment of the colony for the introduction and dissemination of food producing plants throughout the settlement as well as interstate and overseas.

This is the major project for Botaniko in 2017 and with the list of over 20 significant plants, including plants from the historic collections, we are looking forward to working with Gardens staff and presenting an exhibition of botanical illustrations.

Port Arthur – An Exotic Garden – Unlocking the Botanical Journey – Part 2

Following of the success of Part 1, in  2015, members of Botaniko were invited to return, to continue the theme of portraying  plants introduced to the Port Arthur penal settlement in the 1800s,  this time identifying those that were grown for having  culinary, medicinal and industrial significance at the time.

The  exhibition was opened on Saturday, 28 January 2017 by Dr Jane Harrington, Director of Conservation and Infrastructure at the Port Arthur Historic Site.

In her opening address, Dr Harrington spoke of the necessity of these culinary, medicinal and industrial plants to those early settlers,  who would have had survival foremost in their minds. They needed timber for shelter, food for sustenance and essential medicines. The works in the exhibition cover  all these areas.

The exhibition is on display in the Asylum, Port Arthur Historic Site until 23 March 2017.

Botaniko members visit Melbourne

Six members of Botaniko visited Melbourne on 24 and 25 October for a series of botanically-related activities.

First was a visit to the Rippon Lea Estate where Naomi Jeffs guided us through the historic gardens giving us a narrative of its origins. This was followed by a  visit to the home and gallery of Jenny Phillips, an internationally renowned Australian botanical artist.

The second day was as equally exciting as the first. In the morning we were given a tour of the thirteenth biennial botanical illustration exhibition The Art of Botanical Illustration: A New Direction presented by the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens. On conclusion, we visited the Whirlybirds, a group of botanical artists who meet regularly to paint  in the Whirling Room at the Botanic Gardens.

The two days were very inspirational and we returned to Hobart with renewed enthusiasm for our botanical works.

The art of Botanical Illustration: A New Direction

The art of Botanical Illustration: A New Direction


The magnificent gardens of the Rippon Lea Estate.

Historic Gardens of Rippon Lea Estate

Historic Gardens of Rippon Lea Estate