28 January – 23 March 2017 – Port Arthur – An Exotic Garden: Unlocking the Botanical Journey Part 2.

The exhibition is to be held at the Asylum, Port Arthur Historic Site from 28 January to 23 March 2017. This exhibition covers the medicinal, culinary and industrial plants introduced to the penal settlement during the 1800s. Some of the plants fit into more than one category and are used today more for culinary purposes than for their recognised medicinal qualities.












July 2016 – Knopwood’s Kitchen Garden 1804-1824 exhibition on display at Kingston Linc., 11 Hutchins St., Kingston Tas.

9 December 2015 – 15 May 2016 – Knopwood’s Kitchen Garden 1804-1824. Narryna, 103 Hampden Rd., Battery Pt. TAS.
19 April 2015 – By invitation:  Botanical Exhibition by individual members @ Kettering Chamber Music  Concerts, Kettering Hall, 2963 Channel Highway, Kettering. TAS.

3 – 31 July 2015 – An Exotic Garden – Port Arthur: Unlocking the Botanical Journey. Kingston Linc,  11 Hutchins St., Kingston. TAS. (With the kind permission of the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority).

24 January – 6 March 2015 – An Exotic Garden – Port Arthur:Unlocking the Botanical Journey. The Asylum, Port Arthur Historic Site, Port Arthur. TAS.